Naked 3 Professional Makeup Brushes Set


  • Professional Makeup Brushes
  • High Quality Brushes
  • With Storage Box
  • 12 Makeup Brushes
  • Size: 20g
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Naked 3 Professional Makeup Brushes Set includes 12 brushes suited for brides and specialty applications. Each brush is made with the highest quality animal hair to optimize performance. This set features a flat brush for the face, eyes, lips, cheeks, and décolletage. The rounded shape of the eye brush enhances its ability to target fine lines and uneven discoloration around the eyes. The angled face brush is perfect for applying high-definition false eyelashes and eyebrows as well as shading under – eyes in dramatic makeup. With its sleek wooden handle and boldly painted ferrule, the pro foundation brush delivers vibrant yet buildable coverage. The tapered lip brush helps evenly apply bold color with opacity and precision.

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